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Recognizing atypical aspects of your oral health is vital to individuals wishing to maintain optimal oral health. Bad breath is not uncommon when you eat certain foods or when you wake up in the morning. Bad breath becomes what is known as halitosis when regular brushing and flossing does not eliminate the odor. Fortunately, halitosis is quite treatable in most circumstances under the care of a general dentist.

The vision of Robert M. Davis, DDS is to help his patients obtain a healthy, esthetically pleasing patients.

Why do dental offices also lecture people about flossing?

Why We Still Need To Floss


              It’s the question 95% of the population dreads hearing in anticipation of their dental visit, have you been flossing?  Most people either flat out lie or exaggerate the truth extravagantly. The truth is most people don’t floss and never will, but this does not mean it isn’t important.

Root Canal Defamation




Root Canal Defamation


            “I’d rather get a root canal than go to the Opera or Theater again.”---Bob Davis Sr. Growing up it seemed root canals were always analogized with the worst possible things in life.  I had no clue what a root canal was, but I learned it must be a pretty painful and awful procedure.  I was wrong.

Chronic TMJ Pain

            Many experts agree the leading cause of chronic headaches and jaw pain is a disorder within the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).  You are enjoying your dinner with your family, when your child points out he heard your jaw pop.  Clearly you felt it, it was painful, but as a parent you try to remain tough and act like it was no big deal. With time, you talk less, eat less and rarely enjoy meals because of the pain brought about by moving your jaw.

Oral Hygiene Home Care

             For years I have had a patient in our practice who admits to only brushing his teeth twice a year, the two days he comes in to get his teeth cleaned in our office.  Although this particular patient, who claims chewing tobacco keeps him cavity free, has a mouth that remains relatively healthy, most people who fail to properly care for their teeth do not fare so well.  Failure to brush twice a day, floss at least once a day, and maintain a healthy diet, typically has devastating effects on the teeth and surrounding tissues.