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Recognizing atypical aspects of your oral health is vital to individuals wishing to maintain optimal oral health. Bad breath is not uncommon when you eat certain foods or when you wake up in the morning. Bad breath becomes what is known as halitosis when regular brushing and flossing does not eliminate the odor. Fortunately, halitosis is quite treatable in most circumstances under the care of a general dentist.

The vision of Robert M. Davis, DDS is to help his patients obtain a healthy, esthetically pleasing patients.

Dental Sealants

When I am practicing dentistry, especially on adults, most of the time I am working on a tooth (or teeth) that first had a problem during the patient’s childhood.  Frequently that tiny cavity that little Jimmy gets fixed at a young age will develop further problems and require more extensive treatment years later. This is why it is so very important to avoid getting cavities at a young age.

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