Adult Orthodontics

Dentist Office in Raytown and Pleasant Hill, Missouri

          Many adults who were not able to have their teeth straightened during their childhood are now taking a second look at the options available to straighten their teeth.  For these individuals, many dentists are now able to offer short-term orthodontics, such as Six Month Smiles, as a solution for adults who simply want their smile to appear straight and attractive.  Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary program which allows adults to wear braces for only around 6 months, and end up with a straight and esthetic smile.  

          The revolutionary program uses a variety of methods to more quickly move teeth into the desirable positions and is perfect for adults with misplaced teeth.  Even better, the system uses clear brackets which are relative inconspicuous, and it costs less than traditional long term orthodontics (which can take over two years to complete) offered by orthodontists. 

           The alternative primary option to straighten adult teeth is through the use of clear plastic aligners.  This treatment, commonly known as invisalign, uses nearly invisible clear plastic retainers which slowly move the teeth into the desired positions. Invisalign is worn approximately 23 hours a day, and is only taken out for eating and home oral hygiene (brushing and flossing.)  Invisalign treatment averages 18 months so it is a bit longer than short term orthodontics which spans about 6 months on average.  However, patients generally do tolerate Invisalign trays better than they do the braces associated with short term orthodontics.