Dental Warning Signs to Look For During Pregnancy

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Dental Warning Signs to Look For During Pregnancy | RaytownPregnancy causes changes throughout your entire body including your teeth and gums. Many pregnant women forget about the importance of oral health and dental exams due to the number of other physician visits required during pregnancy. But poor dental care can cause permanent damage to your teeth and gum tissue and may lead to bone loss.

Be aware of these warning signs of dental problems as you prepare yourself and your home for the baby:

1. Bleeding or Swollen Gums

Your body is a whirlwind of hormones during pregnancy. These hormonal changes could affect your oral health. “Pregnancy gingivitis” is a condition some women develop, which can lead to periodontitis if left alone. Dental cleanings done in the first and second trimester can reduce your risk of advanced gum disease.

2. Tooth Pain

Pregnant women are more prone to cavities for a number of reasons: plaque buildup due to a diet high in carbohydrates, increased acid in your mouth from morning sickness and poor dental habits. Some studies have suggested that a lack of proper oral hygiene is linked to preterm delivery, low birth weight, gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.

3. Pregnancy Tumors

This condition sounds more severe than it actually is. These growths often happen during the second trimester and are found on the gums. This swollen tissue could be caused by plaque accumulation between the teeth. Pregnancy tumors typically go away after childbirth, but our dentist may suggest removing them if they’re causing significant discomfort.

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