In-office whitening v. over-the-counter whitening!

Dentist Office in Raytown and Pleasant Hill, Missouri

           Among voluntary or "elective" dental procedures, cosmetic dentistry is perhaps the most frequently performed types of dentistry, and it’s easy to see why.  Outcomes from cosmetic dentistry can be truly stunning and life-changing.  There is no greater satisfaction in this profession than when we transform someone who doesn't smile and hides their teeth, into someone who is proud to show off their new asset and as a consequence smiles constantly.  A multitude of cosmetic dental procedures are available, anywhere from quick fixes, teeth whitening, to full mouth reconstructions.
          Teeth bleaching or whitening is one of the most common and simple cosmetic procedures in dentistry.  The majority of Americans are dissatisfied with the shade or appearance of their teeth, and whitening is the quickest way to accomplish a substantial change.  Teeth whitening can be achieved via two different processes: bleaching and non-bleaching treatments.
Bleaching methods are most effective for removing both surface and non-surface deep stains, while the objective for non-bleaching methods is primarily targeted toward removing surface stains.  The majority of teeth whitening techniques rely on bleaching to create a long term, effective & pleasant appearance.  Inasmuchas there are two separate procedures used for whitening your teeth, there are also two different manners in which one can purchase teeth whitening.  On the most basic level, one can purchase a take-home, over-the-counter kit, such as Crest White Strips, at a pharmacy and perform the treatments themselves in the comfort our their own home.  The other option is provided by dental offices and consists of in-office whitening or take-home bleaching trays.
Retail Bleach Kits Treatment
          Home teeth whitening kits are readily available in nearly every grocery store and pharmacy. Well-known large national oral healthcare companies have taken advantage of the growing popularity of cosmetic dentistry.  As a consequence they have marketed whitening kits that are somewhat affordable and relatively straight forward to use.  Retail home whitening kits are available as whitening strips or trays that can be easily altered to fit your teeth. The manner if which the various kits are meant to be used varies, so if you decide to purchase one, it is vital to read the instructions properly.  While over-the-counter products provide convenience because you can use them at home, you must understand that these kits are not as effective as professional whitening found at a dental office.  Additionally, patients frequently do not use the products as directed, resulting in less than optimal outcomes.  Use of an over-the-counter whitening kit can be convenient and easy for a quick fix, but don’t expect lasting results, especially if you read the instructions wrong.
In-office Treatment
          In your desire is a truly beautiful, white & long lasting smile, most dentists recommend avoiding over-the-counter whitening kits and sticking with in-office treatments from a dentist. Dentists simply want the best for their patients, and know what treatments work better than others.  Professional in-office whitening treatments are stronger and provide long term results. Most top dental offices utilize take home bleaching trays or in-office bleaching with a special UV light which synergizes the bleaching process.  At our office, we do both.  Getting the right treatment modality for your own teeth is crucial, and you will be 100% happier with professional whitening in the end.  You also won’t have to worry about potentially traumatizing your gums or damaging your teeth enamel by improperly applying the whitening agent if the whitening is performed at the dentist’s office.  Finally, although professional whitening at the dental office is initially more expensive, it will save you from having to repeatedly purchase more and more over-the-counter kits.
Ask Your Dentist
           If you are not quite certain of which method will work best for you, consult with your dentist, especially if you have been seeing the same dentist for a long time. Your dentist knows best exactly what is taking place in your mouth, and he or she can make the correct recommendation specifically for you.  Occasionally, over-the-counter take-home whitening kits are perfect for your mouth, but in other instances when they just won’t cut it. Ask your dentist which method is most appropriate for your mouth, and you will soon be on your way to a more brilliant smile.