The emergency room is no place for dental emergencies

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 You’ve been taught when there is a emergency to go to the emergency.  Unfortunately Emergency Rooms offer very little treatment for most common dental emergencies.  Especially for those who are in fear of and avoid seeing the dentist, ER visits for dental emergencies are very common.  The most appropriate place for dental emergencies is a dental office, and often you are wise to wait until your dentist opens rather than sit up all night at the ER waiting to be told, “you need to see a dentist.”



Do people really go to the ER for dental problems?

Over the past decade statistics show a growing trend in the number of patients admitted to the emergency room at a hospital solely due to a dental emergency. The American Dental Association (ADA) states that visits to emergency rooms due to dental emergencies occur roughly every 15 seconds, culminating in an annual total of over 2 million visits. 


Appropriate ailments for the emergency room:

If you or your child suspects the presence of a broken jaw, severe swelling and/or infection, or severe bleeding from the mouth, then we definitely recommend heading to the emergency room. However, when it comes to throbbing pain stemming from a toothache, fractured teeth, large cavity, or gum disease, a dental office is a significantly better option from which to gain relief. At Robert M. Davis, DDS & Associates, our office is staffed with a knowledgeable team that is proficient in treating all dental emergencies. Dr. Davis also uses special instruments that an emergency room would not be equipped with.


Reasons patients go to the emergency room instead of the dentist

Many people take their kids or themselves to the emergency room because they lack dental insurance. The notion that the ER can get you out of pain and save you money is crazy. Those lacking dental insurance seek out the hospital as a less expensive alternative, only instead to be billed for what is often considered a “non-emergency.” Additionally, emergency room wait times are rarely short and can ruin a night and the next day.   Our office works above and beyond to ensure patients receive excellent, professional care in the quickest manner possible. Talk to us about your own situation so that we can reach a solution.


Regular dental check-ups and cleanings are the best prevention

A visit to the emergency room is not cheap. Instead, your best option to keeping a healthy and attractive mouth is via attending regular visits to our office. Many people who want dental treatment in the emergency room do so because they failed to act sooner, still our professional dental team can make you better. Getting dental care early in life, is the best way to maintain that perfect smile. 

When it comes to receiving dental care, our office has the knowledge and experience to best serve you.