The Problem With Lower Dentures

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Almost invariably, patients struggle with lower complete dentures. The upper arch of the mouth is basically unmovable, so a suction seal usually works fairly well to keep the denture in place.

Statistically, about 9 out of 10 people with lower dentures are unhappy with them. The lower jaw performs all of the movement in chewing and talking. Also, the floor of the mouth tends to move as the tongue moves, creating instability for the lower denture.

Unfortunately, with time our jaw bone starts to shrink after teeth are removed. As the bone erodes the denture fits even more poorly causing pressure and friction on the gums, leading to painful sore spots.

Dental implants can remedy the troublesome lower denture. Using two implants, a lower denture can be made which snaps in and out of the mouth, increasing patient satisfaction and chewing ability immensely. With an implant supported lower denture, a patient can eat without the lower denture moving around. Even better, the implants prevent the bone from shrinking and deteriorating away.