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Good dental hygiene is important to maintain your teeth, and equally important to your overall health. Study after study has shown that people with tooth decay are more likely to contract heart disease, diabetes, dementia, arthritis, and even premature birth. A general dentist who can help you keep your teeth healthy could add years to your life span.

At the dental practice of Robert M. Davis DDS & Associates, we know that dentistry is more effective at preventing infections than treating them, and so we encourage our patients to take a proactive approach to their dental health. Set up your appointment with Dr. Davis and our experienced dental hygienists by calling at our Raytown Dentist Office (816) 358-0800 or at our Pleasant Hill Dentist Office (816) 540-3110.

Maintaining Good Dental Hygiene

Good dental hygiene helps you maintain fresh breath, pink gums, white teeth, and a mouth free of food particles. Your dentist can help set you on the path to achieving a clean mouth, but it will largely be up to you to make it happen. Developing and maintaining good dental habits are both critical to your long-term oral health.

The most important things you can do to maintain your dental health:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day
  • Floss every day
  • Eat a balanced diet rich in fiber and vegetables
  • Limit your consumption of sugar
  • Visit your dentist for an exam and cleaning every 6 months

Most dental hygiene practices are designed to limit the amount of bacteria that builds up on your teeth. Sugar tends to feed these bacteria, while fresh vegetables and fiber can limit its spread. Brushing and flossing break up plaque that sticks to your teeth. And yes, it is absolutely necessary that you floss: it's the only way to reach plaque between your teeth.

The Importance of Regular Dental Cleaning

A strict and consistent dental hygiene regimen will improve your oral health, but it won't do everything. You still need to visit the dentist twice a year. Dental cleanings are able to remove the hardened plaque that brushing and flossing can't affect, and they allow Dr. Davis to check your teeth for cavities or other signs of tooth decay.

Dr. Davis is a skilled dentist who believes in providing personal and professional dental care, and the dental hygienists he employs for Raytown, Sedalia, and Pleasant Hill dental cleanings are experienced and capable professionals.

Dental Treatments

Good oral health begins with you, but Dr. Robert Davis and his staff want to be there to help you keep cavities and gum disease away. With regular professional dental cleanings and good habits at home, you can achieve a healthy smile built to last a lifetime.

To schedule your twice-a-year cleanings at Robert M. Davis DDS & Associates, contact our offices by picking up the phone and calling at our Raytown Dentist Office (816) 358-0800 or at our Pleasant Hill Dentist Office (816) 540-3110. We serve patients in Pleasant Hill, Raytown, Sedalia, and nearby areas.