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Millions of Americans have straighter smiles and well-aligned bites thanks to the power of Invisalign®. A cosmetic dentist can use this procedure to give you straighter teeth with even spacing in as little as a year, all without the discomfort and unappealing look of traditional braces. Some people may not know you’re having your bite corrected at all!

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How Does Invisalign® Work?

Make the most of your Invisalign® Clear Aligners through our Sedalia dentistInvisalign® consists of two clear plastic trays, custom-molded to fit over your teeth. You wear the trays every day for a few weeks, and then receive a new set of trays to replace the old ones. As the weeks go on and you keep putting in new trays, they will gradually shift your teeth to a more desirable position.

You may be a candidate for Invisalign® if you have:

  • Teeth crowded together
  • Uneven gaps between teeth
  • Overbite or underbite
  • Misalignment between the upper and lower jaws

For minor to moderate orthodontic issues, Invisalign® provides an excellent orthodontic solution! You can pop the trays out of your mouth whenever you need to, and can clean them without requiring any special materials. Unlike braces, it’s easy to remove food particles and prevent issues with tooth decay while you are wearing them.

Try Invisalign® at Robert M. Davis DDS & Associates

If you’d like a way to straighten your teeth that doesn’t involve wearing unsightly, painful, and difficult-to-maintain braces, you should visit Dr. Robert Davis’s office. Dr. Davis can examine your teeth and decide whether your issues are treatable with Invisalign®. He may also be able to fix any minor spacing issues with porcelain veneers.

To get in touch with Dr. Davis today, send us an email through this website or call us today at our Raytown Dentist Office (816) 358-0800 or at our Pleasant Hill Dentist Office (816) 540-3110. Dr. Davis serves patients in Raytown, Pleasant Hill, and Sedalia.